Star Bright

A House Divided

24th March 2159

“Agnico Eagle Mining has interests thoughout the Solar System” explained Mr. Streen. “Largely undeveloped: investments for the future, as you might say.”

“These include substantial permits on Encheladus and Europa” added Streen.

“Water worlds” commented Doc. Orlov.

“Indeed. Salt water oceans beneath the ice. To put it simply certain factions within our organisation have been developing exploration technology for these assets for some years now, and believe that it is time re-prioritise our operations to make more of this.”

“The Company’s traditional growth has been through early operations on Earth of course, and then Luna and Mars” added James.

“Venus was sewn up early by other companies” continued Mr. Streen, “and our other substantial operations are in the Asteroid Belt.”

“One stream of thought-The Traditionalists you might say – believe that we should continue a sequential exploitation of these existing fields of operation. There is much to be said for this: the Belt is, of course, vast beyond measure.”

“The alternative view – the Radicals if you like – believe that we need to focus more effort in developing technologies for new methods of mining. Our competitors have shown the way with their mining barges in the Jovian atmosphere. We could develop the same sort of lead on Europa and Encheladus.”

“And which are you Sir?” smiled Jonas.

“Many of our operations are old: particularly those here on Luna. And I believe that the way forward is through innovation. I suppose that makes me a Radical” smiled Mr. Streen.

“So maybe some people feel strongly enough about it to threaten you?” asked Jonas.

“Perhaps. My Board meeting is very important” said Mr. Streen simply.

“Let’s try to arrange something” said Jonas.



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