Star Bright

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24th March 2159

After the call on his PDA, Jonas had told the others and they had put on their best cloths. Even Spyder had been forced to wear black trousers, shoes and a black shirt. They were in the coffee bar of a fashionable restaurant, and eventually the face Jonas recognised from the PDA call appeared. With him was a slightly older man, very well dressed.

When they had arrived on Luna, Jonas had routinely posted PI Partnerships availability locally, not really expecting anything. But a call had come through earlier, and the caller had enquired after Doc. Orlov.

“I’m James Calhoon” said the face, holding out his hand. “Personal Secretary to Mr. Streen here.” Here he gestured at the older man, who nodded politely and shook hands like a professional.

After introductions they sat down and ordered coffee.

“I’m flattered that you contacted us Mr. Calhoon” said Jonas. “To be frank we’ve only just arrived on Luna ourselves, and when I flagged up our availability I honestly didn’t expect much response in the short time we would be here.”

“But you could spare a week?” asked James anxiously.

“Sure a week.” smiled Jonas. “We’re not on a tight timetable – unlike yourselves maybe?”

James started to explain the situation, with occasional interjections from Mr. Streen. Mr. Streen was a stockholder, and influential member of the board of Agnico Eagle Mining; he too had recently come to Luna, and planned to stay for about a week, before returning to Earth and a major Board Meeting.

“Why the visit?” asked Jonas.

“Mr. Streen wishes to review our operations here on Luna, in preparation for a report” said James.

“No need to remind you that this is all highly confidential” he added.

“I understand” said Jonas. “But why do you need us?” There was short pause.

“To put it bluntly I have received several missives which might be interpreted as veiled threats” interposed Mr. Streen. “It would thus seem a wise precaution for me to engage some personal security; as off-worlders recently arrived that also means it unlikely that you have been got at” he added bluntly.

“James here checked your credentials and I was intrigued to see that Doctor Orlov was part of your outfit”. Here he nodded at Katrina. “I have read several of your papers on Hydrothermal Vent Organsims on Encheladus. You must have some interesting stories Doctor.”

Katrina shifted nervously.

“My thanks. But I cannot discuss work connected with previous employer: there are various legalities to consider” she replied politely.

“More than you can know Buddy” thought Jonas.

“No, No Doctor that’s alright” smiled Mr. Streen. “I would not dream of compromising you in such a fashion. I merely referred to your general and broad knowledge of Encheladus’s ecosystems and geological peculiarities.”

“But why the interest in Encheladus?” asked Marcus.

“Ah”, said Streen. “That brings us to the nub of the matter.”



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