Star Bright

Drive to Safety?

30th March 2159: 9.15 am

As Marcus attended to the wounded (and their suits), they discussed their options.

“There are no comms” said Doc. Orlov. “We are being jammed”

“No access to the uplink possibly” said Jonas. “Or they’ve had time for sabotage.”

“Short range scans show three vehicles in pursuit” said Katrina.

“I’m ’eadin for the ’Opper” said Jake. “It’s maybe ’arf an hour away.”

“What’s going on man?” asked Spyder. All heads turned towards Streen.

“I’ve no idea” he shrugged. “For ordinary miners to risk their livelihoods so…… Murder.” He shook his head.

“I can only think that it must have something to do with my board enemies. But they must have used powerful arguments to get them to do this.”

“The miners already suspected you were an Axe man” suggested Jonas. “Played that up maybe.”

“But the repercussions for them?”

“Made to look like an accident” said Marcus. “Miner colonies are notoriously insular and obstructive to outsiders. Unlikely one of them would crack. Plus incentives from the guys egging them on. Possible.”

“It’s messier for them now” said Jake. “But if they can nail us they might still pull it off.”

“And if we escape?” asked Spyder.

“Let’s say it won’t go down well in my report” said Mr. Streen.



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