Star Bright

Men in Black (9th November 2158)

9th November 2158

They arrived at first light. A sleek Strat Bat which touched down on the airstrip, and two armed VTOLS, similar to the one that had hovered above them several months previously, as they drove westwards along the Mariner Valley near Angell Rock.

“Wardens” said Doc. Orlov sullenly.

The craft disgorged a team of four Warden Investigators, and a host of armed Storm Troopers, all wearing dark grey and black. The group found themselves separated and confined, and then a series of prolonged interviews bordering on outright interrogation. They gave nothing away. Answered no questions. Answers were given and repeated, again and again.

The experience did nothing to change Jake’s views about the UWC and the Wardens. Moreover he was wary of them checking too deeply into his own background. After two days the experience was over, and the Grendal group were allowed to gather in one of the rec, area, where they were addressed by a Captain Tarkin. Presumably the other base staff would receive their own little pep talk.

“You have served the UWC well in these events” he admitted, nodding curtly, “But I must warn you that this entire affair must remain a secret. The importance of the Llewellyn Project alone is sufficient that no adverse light should be cast on it, and apart from that, the whole issue of terrorists importing nuclear devices is not something that would ease the minds of everyday citizens. A blanket must, and will, be drawn over the affair. This is not a request.”

“As to the events surrounding the Joyeuse – you will also forget these. You especially, Doctor Orlov.” Marcus glanced round at Katrina, and saw her jaw tighten. “I am sure that the University will compensate you adequately for your efforts.”

He turned to go, and then paused, drawing one of the cheap pink and purple PI Partnership cards Spyder had got printed.

“PI Partnerships” he mused. “Hmm. Seen something about these before.” He threw the card into a waste bin, and was gone.

“There’s thanks for you” mumbled Jonas.



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