Star Bright

Murder Hole (8th November 2158)

8th November 2158

The concussion grenades had been a life saver, but even so the last Earth Firster had tried to execute the hostages.

“They should live” said Marcus, as he leaned over Rodrigo and James.

After their initial assault they had quickly taken down another terrorist, but then became pinned down the long corridor by a couple of men armed with Long Rifles. A smoke grenade from Jake had forced them to retreat as the others rushed them however, and it was here that a concussion grenade had again proved useful. Two Earth Firsters were dead, and six were unconscious. Angie had aided the situation, by closing doors on the Earth Firsters at inconvenient moments.

The prisoners were being kept in the upper level of the logistics module, in the galley/rec area. Rhys, one of the Pilots from the Mariner Airfield, was among them.

“They held me at gunpoint to fly them here " he explained, “About six days ago. There were ten of them at first.”

“One of the stupid bastards died keeping watch outside for you at night – froze to death. Another got blown off one of the towers during high winds. City boys I’d guess.”

With the prisoners secured, they waited anxiously for the comms window: it was time to inform the Authorities.



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