Star Bright

The Second Delivery (20th November 2158)

20th November 2158

Marcus was catching up on the latest issue of ‘The Goat Magazine’ when Spyder piped up excitedly.

“Hey! Hey!” he exclaimed. “There’s another delivery for PI Partnerships waiting for us at the Drop Box office!”

“Two deliveries in six months” mused Marcus, “Well worth the Cr 250 per month we pay them.”

It was a package about the size of a suitcase. This time however, it was a series of leaflets and folders, containing a bunch of documentation, specifications and Health and Safety Legislation.

“Wow, they gave us our Security License man!” shouted Spyder.

“Gonna buy me a machine gun. You Punks all gonna pay man! " he yelled " Budda budda budda. Wham. Kapow!" He ran out into the street frightening half a dozen pedestrians and a reporter from the Mars Star.

As Spyder disappeared into the distance Katrina produced her flex screen.

“This remind me. Professor Grimaldi confirm payment of Cr 20,000 each from University.”

“Hey not bad!” said Jonas. “Need to figure what to spend it on though.”

“There something else too” she added. “Remember black syringes with Hieroglyphs?”

“The MRS guys yes?” asked Jake.

“Ah…MRS?” puzzled Katina.

“Mars Retrovirus Subject: Spyder’s name – catchy huh?”

“Ah yes. MRS guys” She shook her head. “Anyway. University of Mars, not surprisingly, does not have Egyptology department.”

“I won’t say anything obvious about pyramids then Doc.” smiled Jonas, throwing her slightly.

“It does have History Department though, and colleagues here have many contacts. Including in ancient languages.”

“We’re all waiting Doc” said Marcus.

“Well. it not Egyptian Heiroglyph – it Ancient Persian. I not expert in such things.”

“So what’s it mean?” asked Jake at last.

“Apparently it translates as Ghul : is ancient Persian Demon which eats the dead.”

“I guess those mad scientists sure had a black sense of humour” replied Jonas.


Before we tie up this game for now help me with some Bookkeeping.

I have updated the weapon permit wiki to add the new guns you took and moved Jakes AFL 16.

Someone needs to look at the Loot Wiki on roll20 and decide if you are adding any of the guns there, or just selling them.

You should also shop and add any new weapons to the permit wiki. Add any new gear to your sheets, which are up to date as regards money.

If you like give me a few lines on what your character does over next few weeks.

And we’ll pick it up from there.

Continue to train on my Endurance. Also keep a close electronic eye (computer skill) on weird happenings around distant mining camps. He is keeping watch on the Martian Aliens who had their own glowing city under our feet.


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