Star Bright

There, and Hopefully Back Again

30th March 2159


They had alighted at the monorail stop at Bilbo, and they would progress via hired Moonhopper through several mines called Oin, Balin, Dwalin, Nori and Gloin. They would travel and rest overnight at each mine, before moving on to the rest.

Jonas was happy to be able to fly a Hopper again, and he spent a little time familiarising Doc. Orlov with the controls in case of emergency.
At Oin they had parked up and transferred their gear to a WTV, and then spent the day being shown by the mine’s senior personnel around a number of operational sites. Oin focused on extraction of high quality metals, including platinum and gold.

The next day had followed a similar pattern at Balin, though here the focus was on mining frozen gases from hidden pockets, which could be redirected towards other mining sites.

During the evenings the group had picked up a general feeling of unease and mistrust among the general miners, who tended to keep their distance.

“Concerned we’re the Axe Man” thought Jonas. “And you can’t blame them: maybe we are.”

At the start of the third day they had a little more to see at Balin, and so it was later on when they arrived at Dwalin. The tour was delayed for the morn, and they settled into their rooms in the senior managers block.

In the morning the group woke , ordered a good breakfast, had morning exercises, and then listened to a briefing from a corporate public relations officer. The managers block was quite comfortable, and the entire job had so far really been a vacation.

The itinerary called for an inspection of a model ore processor utilizing a radical new technique. The group donned vacc suits and headed for the WTV, driving for half an hour or so.


LOL. I enjoy your post names Steve!

There, and Hopefully Back Again

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