Star Bright

Unwelcome Visitors (8th November 2158)

8th November 2158

“What I don’t understand was why Strewer took a shot of the retrovirus” said Spyder. “After all, I don’t think he was insane at that point, and why would he? Doesn’t make sense.”

“Maybe THEY forced it on him” suggested Jonas. “Make him one of them. After all, they needed a lift back to civilisation, and Strewer must have been a Godsend.”

“And what? He escaped?” asked Spyder.

“Why not? He was ex military. And hardly stupid.” replied Jonas. “Probably before the drug took full effect.”

They were close to Llewellyn now, within 30 km and making good time. Spyder reached for the comms.

“No wait” said Jonas. “Let’s be cautious. We should do a visual check first.”

It was just as well they did. As they peered through their binoculars they could see that a VTOL was parked on the landing field.

“Well guys” said Jonas. “I reckon Earth First are at the base.”



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