Cecilia Vannick (MARS)

Non Kissin' Cousin


78A7A6 30 years old (born 2128)

Traits: Enemy (Criminal), Ally, Tough/1



Mechanic…..2, Gun Cbt (Assault)….2, Trade (Horticulture)…..2, Survival (Desert)…..2

Streetwise…..1, Vacc Suit…..1, Animals (Farming)…..1,

Flyer…..0, Melee Cbt…..0, Steward…..0, Computers…..0

Owns: Rover, Homestead, Revolving Shotgun, Heated Mars Suit, Flak Vest


Cecilia is Marcus’s cousin, and is the senior partner in their Homestead/ Market garden enterprise. She has lived there for many years, formerly with her mother, who died a couple of years ago.

After Marcus lost his memory he came to live with them, and his engineering expertise proved of great value in overhauling the business. After the death of her mother Marcus became a business partner; there is strictly no romantic interest between them, and the relationship is more like step brother and step sister.

Cecilia is a seasoned Mars Hand, and has done reasonably well with their business. Marcu’s jaunts for other jobs do help to bring in extra cash however.

Cecilia Vannick (MARS)

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