Dr. Katrina Orlov

Fallen Acaedemic


8 9 9 9 B 7

Homeworld: Mars

28 years old (2130)

Talent: No Rest for the Wicked

Traits: Technical Library (Biology & Geophysics), Acute Vision (+2 Observe), Fast/2 , Tormented, Ally (Professor Alan Cushing), Contact (Boris Petrovich), Trained DEX (Athletics) +1

Languages: Russian….2, English…..0

Skills: Biology……3, Geophysics……3, Gun Cbt (Pistols)……2, Vacc Suit…..1, Sensors……1, Computers…..1, Survival (Desert)……1, Drive (Wheeled)……1, Flyer (VTOL)……1, Athletics (Co ord)…..1, Investigate…..1

Cr Balance : 51,500

Equipment WT Notes
Wrist Computer//2 0.5 Plus peripherals +2 Biology/ Geophysics rolls if time doubled
Soil Test Kit (TL: 8) 4 5 uses
Science Field Kit (TL 8) 6 includes mini pick
Entrenching Tool (TL 8) 1 Foldable
LI Goggles (TL 8) 0.5 range 18m // 12 squares
Trauma Pack (TL 10 1 x 2
Armour WT Notes
Mars Suit x 2 2 DR 2; Heated
Cloth x 4 2 DR 3
Armoured Duster x 2 3 DR 6 (DR 7 over Mars Suit or Cloth)
Vacc Suit TL (8/9) 14 DR 6: Personalised Bright Green/ Black; Slot 1: Crampons, Slot 2: Ceramic Plating, Slot 3: Climbing Harness
Military Vacc Suit 12 DR 8: Personalised Bright Green/ Black, Slot 1: Extended Life Support, Slot 2: Binoculars, Slot 3: Thrusters
Venus Suit na DR 5 : Personalised Bright Green/ Black, Slot 1: Ceramic Plating, Slot 2: Extended Life Support
Anvil 0.4/0.1kg +3 2d6+2 0 13 -1 0 0 -2 -4 -
Cbt Knife 0.5kg -2 1d6+4 0 - 0 -1 - - - -
Stun Grenade x 4 1 ea. +2 3d6 sp. - - 0 -1 -2 - -
Ball Gun 2 -2 var -1 6 - - - - - -

Anvil is AP 2 with 13 shots. 50 spare clips (carries 5). Penetration scope; if aimed ignore -2 cover penalties. Spare Anvil in baggage.

Ball Gun has laser scope. Range mods by ammo type: she has 12 Mappers, 12 Stunner and 24 Glow.

No Rest for the Wicked : Has the ability to ignore all penalties caused by Wound Levels for 1d6 turns of combat. You can choose when to bring this Talent to bear, but can only use it once every 24 hours.

Acute Vision: +2 sight/ observation rolls

Fast/2: Your character is faster than she looks. She gets a +2 DM to Initiative checks, and can move up to 9 meters/ 6 squares in a Combat Round. She also gains a +2 DM on any check of the Athletics (co-ordination) skill that applies to physical speed.

Technical Library : Biology & Geophysics: gives +2 rather than +1 if double time is spent referring to database/ documents

Tormented: The character is the kind of person that wrestles with inner demons. She may suffer from tragic self doubt or have psychological scars from abuse. In any event, what is normal for her may not be normal for other, well-adjusted people. Though being Tormented does not have an immediate effect on social interactions, it is difficult for such people to maintain long-lasting romantic relationships. Those who have known Tormented characters for any length of time will regard them as strange or damaged as well.


Katrina excelled at school and at age 18 won a sponsored work scholarship with Venture Horizons, a major terra-forming player which undertakes a number of large scale projects on behalf of the UWC.

She worked initially as a surveying technician and geologist, but as her experience widened she also gained expertise in botany and microbiology in relation to terraforming processes, and her eventual PhD by research focused heavily on this.

Katrina fitted well into the Corporation, and was charged as principal researcher on a number of surveying teams throughout the system.

In mid 2157 this all went horribly wrong. Her research data on the work she was performing on Enceladus was siezed by the UWC, and the team of four were separated and interrogated. Three days later she was without a job and Venture were close lipped about the whole episode: a sympathetic colleague indicated that Venture had a D Notice placed on them by the UWC, and had little choice in the matter.

Either way she has found herself in the position of a serious and respected scientist who is now persona non grata: unsurprisingly she is not too happy about this.

Taking what work she can she has ended up back on Mars, and once again finds herself doing a job she is seriously over qualified for….

Dr. Katrina Orlov

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