"Duffey" (MARS)

Unknown Party


9A9964 Kuiper Belt

Age : 34 Rogue

Traits: Ally, Contact/3, Luck/2, Annoying Habit (Talks too much)

Duffey is an unknown: all that the Group know is that he was a rival for the deceased Mystery Woman at Pharoah, in searching for the old Pirate Base in the Cydonian Highlands. The PI WTV’s were strafed by a pair of Drones which they assumed belonged to him, as he was later identified by the Rosalindas.

Footage supplied by The Grinch showed him and two associates near the sinkhole leading into the caverns near the base, and then some sort of chaotic encounter involving one of his two associates being killed by machine gun fire, and the Jack in the Box missiles emerging and firing at Pharoah.

Languages: English/2

Level 0 Skills: Comms

Level 1 Skills: Computers, Streetwise, Athletics (Co ordination), Vacc Suit, Drive: Wheeled

Level 2: Stealth, Deception, Recon, Engr: Electronics, Mechanic, Gun Cbt: Slug Pistol

Level 4: Remote Ops

Equipment: Vacc Suit (Baospace, Binoculars, Ceramic Plates) DR 6 or Cloth Armor/ Mars Suit & Improved Vest (DR 6), Bandit 9mm, Drones


"Duffey" (MARS)

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