Jake Smith

Colonial Independence Activist & Smuggler


6C77C3 30 years (Born 2128) Homeworld: Earth

Languages: English……2

Talent: Lift with your Legs, Poor/1 (lose 25% of all income to debts)

Traits: Enemy (Terry Chu), Enemy (Robert Finchley Beamish), Luck/3, Hard to Kill/1,

Skills: Deception……3, Gun Cbt (Rifles)……2, Melee Cbt (Blades)…..1, Drive (Wheeled)….1, Streetwise…..1, Stealth…..1, Recon…..1, Explosives…..1, Mechanic……1, Carouse…..1, Computers…..0, Persuade……0, Gambler……0, Medic…..1, Athletics…..0

Credit Balance: 40,812

AFL-16 6mm 3.75/0.2 kg +4 3d6 1 30 -3 -1 0 0 0 -2 -4
Anvil 12mm 0.5// 0.1 kg +2 2d6+2 0 13 -1 0 0 -2 -4 - -
Combat Knife 0.5 kg +3 1d6+4 0 - 0 -1 - - - - -

AFL-16 Assault Rifle is Auto 5, 2 sighting rails: Laser scope and Electronic Sights (+1 to hit all ranges) & AP 1. Anvil 12mm has Penetrating Scope (if aimed ignore up to -2 cover) and is AP 2.

Anvil has 20 reloads, and a Penetrating Scope. AFL 16 has 14 reloads.

Equipment Mass Notes
Mars Suit 2 DR 2 (DR 5 with Flak Jacket worn over)
Baospace Vacc Suit 12.5 DR 6; Slot 1 Mag Boots, Slot 2 Baospace, Slot 3 Ceramic Plating
Military Vacc Suit 12 DR 8: Slot 1: Extended Life Support, Slot 2: Binoculars, Slot 3: Thrusters
Armored Duster 3 DR 6 (DR 7 worn over Mars Suit)
AFL-16 Mags 0.2 ea 30 shots; 14 spare mags
Combination Goggles 0.5 LI to 18m// 12 squares;+2 spotting and tracking bonus. Rare Custom item
Trauma Pack (TL 10) 4 -
Anvil Mags 0.1 ea 13 shots; 19 spare mags

Jake’s mother was an attractive woman of low-social class, who lived in Tooting, South London. She worked as a babysitter and cleaner for a prominent and wealthy right-wing cabinet minister Although never having married, she gave birth to Jake in 2128. The identity of Jake’s father has never been made public but, seeing as how his mother never had to work again after Jake’s birth and had sufficient funds to send him to Harrow, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out who his father probably was.

Coming from such lowly stock, Jake never really fit in very well at Harrow and began to harbour a deep-seeded resentment for the privileged upbringing of his classmates. He learned to survive on his wits in order to avoid being picked on and, from a young age, began to gain a reputation for some fast-talking.

When Jake was 18, his mother fell upon hard times (purely coincidentally, around the same time that the right wing politician she used to work for died) and so she was unable to send him to University. Doting on his mother, Jake left full-time education in order to try and provide an income for the pair of them, attempting to run a series of scams on the parents of his schoolmates. Unfortunately, he was not terribly successful at this and was lucky to escape with his life after one of his largest scams went horribly wrong.

Seeing the off world colonies as an opportunity to escape the risks to his very precious neck, Jake was able to use his contacts to work for one of his like minded Harrow chums, who was now living on the family yacht and doing a nice sideline on transport of Art Treasures (not always legally).

As he freeloaded quite happily Jake started to semi idealise some of those colonies that had seceded from Earth control, but he also saw that on some worlds it was business as usual, with the Corps and Elites getting richer and the rest getting poorer. It was no great feat of imagination for him to transfer his dislike of the Ruling Elites to the UWC, which he sees as a tool of the ruling classes designed to maintain the status quo and corporate privelege.

He began to read a great deal of Marxist/Leninist/Maoist literature and realized that all of the evils of the worlds were purely the result of capitalism and elitism and so he made it is lifelong ambition to bring about the demise of the ruling classes in order to bring power back to the proletariat. This he has been attempting to bring about (mostly unsuccessfully) for the majority of the past decade. Needless to say, Jake has made a fair few enemies in the process, especially as his master plan for achieving this has centred largely on smuggling illegal weaponry, and meddling with vested interests he only imperfectly understands.

Financially he has not been a success, and with the flotsam and jetsam he now finds himself on Mars. With great reluctance he has convinced himself that like a normal member of the proletariat, he will need to find some work in order to eat. He can’t seem to find any chums from Harrow here.

Lift with your Legs: Your Character can lift and/or carry 150% of what his peers might: all encumbrance limits altered by this rule

Luck: Fortune smiles on your character. At Luck/3, you can re-roll two checks per session and take the higher result – but you can roll three times for one of those checks, taking the highest result of the three.

Hard to Kill: The character is the kind of person that fights to stay alive, even when others would pass on. At Hard to Kill/1, your character will stay alive and unconscious after reaching 0 in all his physical Characteristics but only until they have suffered an additional amount of damage equal to half his Endurance.

Poor: The character is not financially solvent. Something has happened to ruin their financial standing, whether it is a criminal act, personal flaw or addiction. At Poor/1, 25% of income is lost paying debts. This can be bought off for a lump sum payment of Cr 100,000.

Jake Smith

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