Jonas Hoffmann

Public Relations


9C9966 30 years (born 2128) German, Homeworld Earth

Talent: Double Tap

Traits: Contact (Kara Krosse: former Crew Mate), Ally (Marvin Blatowski: Tech), Handsome, Rapid Healing, Phobia (Bugs)

Languages: German……2, English……0

Skills: Persuade……2, Admin……1, Mechanic……1, Sensors…..1, Flyer (Aerodyne)…..1, Drive (Wheeled)……1, Pilot (Spacecraft)…..1, Zero G……1, Guns (Pistol)…..1, Melee (Blades)…..1,
Athletics…..0, Comms……0, Vacc Suit……0, Computers…..0, Streetwise…..0, Steward…..0, Broker…..0, Remote Ops…..0, Recon…..0

Equipment Mass Notes
Business Suit 1 for meetings etc
Advanced Cold Weather Clothing (TL 8) 2 -
Personal Comm (TL: 8/9) 0.2 high tech smartphone with digicam
Digicam (TL 8) 0.5 -
Mars Suit (TL 8) 2 DR 2
Cloth Armor (TL 8) 2 DR 3
Armoured Duster (TL 8) 3 DR 6 (DR 7 worn over Mars Suit or Cloth)
‘Hard’ Vacc Suit TL (8/9) 15.5 Personalised Grey/ Black; Slot 1 : Baospace Fashion, Slot 2: Inertial locator, Slot 3: Extended Life Support
Military Vacc Suit 12 DR 8: Slot 1: Extended Life Support, Slot 2: Binoculars, Slot 3: Thrusters
Trauma Pack (TL 10) 1 -

Credit Balance: 66,040; Ship Shares

ACC62 Bandit 9mm 0.4/0.2 kg +3 3d6-2 0 25 -1 0 0 -2 -4
Throw Knife x 2 0.5 +3 1d6+3 -1 - 0 -1 - - -
Thowing - +3 1d6+3 - - - 0 -1 -2 -
Sap Gloves 0.2 +2 2d6-2 - - 0 -1 - - -

15 reloads, Laser Scope gives +1 to hit at short and close range

2 Throwing knives

Double Tap: You can make a free second, non-auto shot at the same target at which you just fired, at a -1 hit Penalty. Decide before shooting.

Handsome: The character is especially attractive to the opposite sex (or those who would be attracted to their gender). They gain a +2 DM to all interpersonal skill checks involving Intelligence or Social Standing with anyone who might be attracted to them, opposite or same sex

Rapid Recovery: Your character heals twice as fast as normal, regardless of mode of treatment. This only applies to physical wounds only.

Phobia: There’s something that scares the daylights out of your character: crawly, icky Bugs. Whenever a character is confronted with the object of his fear, he suffers a -1 (at least) DM to all checks until a couple of minutes after the object is no longer an issue.

Jonas Hoffmann

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