Marcus "Beta" Kaminski

Mining Company Pilot and Engineer (allegedly)


A978C6 Homeworld: Mars 32 years (born 2126)

6’0" 216lbs.

Talent: Killer Instinct

Traits: Enemy (Unknown), Ally (Mando Luis Esteve), Dream Void, Tough/3, Gifted Metabolism, Trouble Magnet

Skills: Vacc Suit……2, Astrogation……2, Medic……2, Pilot (Small Craft)……2, Pilot (Spacecraft)……1, Survival (Desert)…..1, Enrg (Electronics)…..1, Enrg (Life Support)…..1, Zero G….1, Navigation…..1, Guns (Assault)…..1, Guns (Pistol)…..1, Drive……0, Computers…..0, Physical Science (Physics)…..0, Mechanic…..0, Comms……0

Killer Instinct: Once per session you can ignore the armor against a single attack

Dream Void: The effects of this trait remain unknown to the player. The character isn’t even aware of this important trait.

Tough: Your character can take more punishment than others. Tough/3 adds that many points to the amount of damage a character can take, to each of his physical characteristics. A character with Tough/3 is treated as being able to take an extra three points of damage each to his Strength, Dexterity, and Endurance (9 extra damage total).

Gifted Metabolism: The character’s body processes foods, drugs and poisons better than other people. He gains a +2 DM to resist the effects of poisons, toxins or drugs.

Trouble Magnet: Your character acts as a sort of cosmic beacon for horrible things. Even if he tries to avoid them unusual happenings still seem to find him . Unless he is resourceful
and combat trained, it is likely his lifespan will be short.


Cr: 125, 250


Anvil 0.4/0.1kg +2 2d6+2 0 13 -1 0 0 -2 -4 -
Revolving Combat Shotgun 4//0.2 kg +2 4d6 2 6 -2 0 -1 -2 -3 -
H & H Ranger Shotgun 1.8//0.2 kg +2 3d6+1 1 5 -2 0 -1 -2 -3 -
AFL-4 2//0.2 kg +1 3d6-2 Auto 5 1 30 -3 -1 0 0 0 -2
Grenades 2 ea Frag/Smoke/Flashbang 0.5 kg -2 var. - - na 0 -1 -2 - -

Anvil has Penetrating Scope: ignores -2 cover if aimed & 5 spare clips
Shotgun has folding stock & 100 assorted shells,
H & H is a recoil operated pistol like shotgun firing small calibre shotgun shells: 10 spare clips & 500 rounds
AFL-4 is AP 1 and 2 empty weapon rails: 10 spare mags & 500 rounds


Armour WT Notes
Mars Suit 2 DR 2; Heated H
2 DR 3
Flak Jacket 2 DR 4 (DR 5 over Mars Suit or Cloth)
Armor Pads 2 DR +2
Helmet 0.5 DR + 3
Military Vacc Suit 12 DR 8: Slot 1: Extended Life Support, Slot 2: Binoculars, Slot 3: Thrusters
HEV Vacc Suit TL (8/9) 26 Personalized, custom Black and Electric Blue color scheme, Eye Protection, Slot 1: Magnetic Grapples, Slot 2:Zero G Thrusters, Slot 3: Zero G Tool Belt DR 6


Equipment WT Notes
Wrist Computer//2 0.5 Plus peripherals +1 Mech/ Elec rolls if time doubled, Etertainment Library
Mech Toolkit (TL: 8) 12//5 +1//0 Mech
Elec Toolkit (TL 8) 12//3 +1//0 Elec
Survival Kit (TL 8) 2 -
Medical Kit (TL 8) 8 10 uses
Trauma Pack (TL 10) 1 -
Data Corer (TL 8) 0.5 see Scoundrel p101

Additions to ATV Locker

Flare Gun w/ 5 ea Illuminating, Signalling, Whistling (3 kg total) all Mars adapted, i.e. bigger parachutes, louder whistles, atmospherically appropriate pyrotechnics like Magnesium…

additional 100’ Rope (2 kg)

Martian Ranger Targeting Eye, slaved to AFL-4, and Anvil (removes Anvil Penetrating scope when used…)

currently training RECON 0


Calls himself “Beta” because he has no memory of his past before age 27 and someday hopes to unlock the memories of his “Alpha” identity. He knows ‘who’ he was because of his documentation and e-trail: however he knows nothing of that person, and the fact that his parents have both passed on some years ago has not helped.

Service from the period he can’t remember: His papers list him working as a Mining Company Pilot Surveyor for 5 or 6 years, then as a drifter working odd Scavenger jobs until he was almost 28.

Service from his post amnesia period: Mars Colonial Settler until present.

Religion, lapsed Catholic.

Marcus "Beta" Kaminski

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