Mei Mei Ma

Innocent Dancer


Mei Mei Ma is a beautiful chinese exotic dancer, encountered by PI Partnerships working in the ‘Wibbley Duck’, a mining camp bar situated in a camp about 50 km NE of Petrograd; she had apparently been working there for some months.

For reasons unknown this pure, innocent, naive and harmless girl was attacked by two machine pistol wielding Men in Black, who entered the bar, and was forced to flee the camp in the PI Rover when it left the next day (much to the delight of Spyder).

The Rover was pursued (amongst others) by an unmarked black Rover containing another 4 MIB s. In the firefight which ensued everyone lost track of Mei Mei, but it appeared that she drove off in the MIB Rover, after somehow beheading two of their attackers. Spyder presumes she was just lucky, and did it to save him.

Her current whereabouts are unknown, but Spyder is expecting her to reappear at any moment.


Mei Mei Ma

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