Paul August (aka "Unlucky Eight")

Easy to Spot Sniper



Age: Born 2126 (32 years)

Homeworld: Callisto

Talents: Freefall Natural

Traits: Unlucky, Nightmares, Powerful/2, Hard to Kill/2, Ally (Rick Slade)

Cybernetics: Replacement Cyberlimb Left Arm (STR 15), DEX 8); Melee 2d6, Grapple Damage 4; can activate Mag Grappler giving a +1 to any task roll requiring a roll in Freefall

Special: Permit for Sniper Rifle, Ally

Level 0 Skills: Zero G, Athletics, Heavy Weapons, Tactics, Explosives

Level 1 Skills: Melee Cbt (Blades), Gun Cbt (Assault Weapons), Streetwise, Deception, Cybernetics, Recon

Level 2 Skills: Gun Cbt (Slug Pistol), Drive (Wheeled)

Level 4 Skills: Gun Cbt (Slug Rifles)

ACC62 Bandit 9mm 0.4/0.2 kg +2 3d6-2 0 25 -1 +1 +1 -2 -4
SK 90 ‘Splinter’ Sniper Rifle 3/0.2 +4 4d6 AP 4 0 10 -2 0 +1 +1 +1
Scimitar 10mm Assault Pistol 0.5/0.2 +1 3d6-2 2 20 -1 0 0 -2 -4
Combat Knife 0.5 +4 1d6+4 - - 0 -1 - - -
Cyberlimb - +3 2d6 - - 0 -1 - - -

Splinter has Electronic Sights & Laser Rangefinder.(20 clips);these are factored in above.
Bandit has Laser Sight (20 clips): this is factored in above.
Scimitar has integral 2d6 Blade and is Auto 5

Equipment Mass Notes
Mars Suit (TL 8) 2 DR 2
Cloth Armor (TL 8) 2 DR 3
Armoured Duster 3 DR 6; 7 over Mars Suit or Cloth
Baospace Vacc Suit 15 DR 6; Slot 1: Baospace, Slot 2: Ceramic Plating, Slot 3: Mag Boots
Li Goggles 0.5 Range 18m, 12 squares
Cybernetics Toolkit 12/3 full toolkit adds +1, portable selection 0
Smartphone - -

Credit Balance: 17600


Paul August was born on Callisto the son of a German-speaking soldier and an English accountant. His parents raised him like a feral pig and barely taught him English. The only words of German he learned were “jetzt ein Bier” and “mach mir ein Sandwich!” He idolized the soldiers and guards that were serving at Callisto. He joined the Jupiter Defence Force as soon as he could, enamored with weapons and combat.

Leaving the JDF he tried a mercenary career with Holst’s Ghosts, but bad luck continued to dog him and he lost an arm to a pirate explosive trap.It was replaced by a cybernetic limb.

By the time his cybernetic replacement had been fitted the Company had moved on, and he joined a Mercenary Striker Company ‘Alpha Strike’ for a Junta in South America. He did reasonably well becoming a Sniper Specialist. The collapse of the Government left him without employment however, and a contract on Mars proved to be air and moonshine.

Now he wants to pursue his life to just experience it and figure out what is going to happen next. No promises. No goals.

Freefall Natural: Your Character doesn’t need to Test for basic moves in freefall or microgravity, and gains one free success on another skill used per level of Zero G Skill (including L0)

Powerful/2: +2 to Athletics checks involving Strength

Hard to Kill/2: still alive and unconcious after reaching 0 in all characteristics, for another END hit points

Nightmares: Your character suffers from nightmares, Each morning, make an Endurance check; failure means he suffers a -1 DM to all checks for the first half of his day.

Unlucky/1: Once per session the GM can force you to reroll one dice roll.

Paul August (aka "Unlucky Eight")

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