Professor Lace Grimaldi (MARS)

Llewellyn Project Leader


Prof. Lace Grimaldi


50 years born 2108

Traits: Allies, Common Sense, Annoying Traits (Wandering Hands)

Languages: English/2, Italian/2, Latin/1, German/1


Level 4: Biogeology

Level 3: Advocate

Level 2: Drive (Wheeled), Investigate, Computers

Level 1: Streetwise, Sensors

Level 0: Flyer, Survival, Melee, Steward, Stealth, Comms


Overbearing and somewhat pompous, but cares about his students. There are rumours that he cares a little too much about some of his female students, but there has never been any proof, just innuendo. A native of Mars, but educated at Edinburgh and speaks with a really odd upper-class British/Sicilian accent.

Grimaldi is a native of Mariner City, where his parents run a small chain of hardware and equipment stores, along with a small homestead, mostly a market garden, along with some
chickens, goats and guinea pigs. He attended the best schools that the colony had to offer, and did very well. However, after high school, he went back to work on his parents’ old homestead.

When that failed to give him what he was looking for, he took his savings, got a passage to Earth , and took a variety of minor jobs, including as a surveyor for the British Ordnance Survey. This enabled him to get a sponsored Degree Course at a Provincial University, but he excelled in his grades, and went on to do postgraduate work at Edinburgh.

He then taught for several years before being invited to a position at the University of Mars, where he has been for the past 12 years. His current Llewellyn project is the culmination of his professional career, and he want to shepherd his small outpost into a major extension of the University of Mars

While he is an excellent researcher, he is only mediocre as a classroom instructor. However, in small groups, he is a very capable and engaging instructor and mentor. He has a classic British dry sense of humour, and some of his students from other cultures do not get his jokes. He can be charming and charismatic, talents he has often put to use in attempting to acquire funding for the project.

There have been rumours about Grimaldi and some of his students, both male and female, but there has never been any proof. He is very careful to keep all of his interactions
professional, and as per university policy, records all office visits.

He is not currently married, though he did have a marriage that ended amicably six years ago. He has daughter, age ten, who lives in Edinburgh with her mother. He sees her as often as he can.

Professor Lace Grimaldi (MARS)

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