Robotic Pet


A ‘Mech Rabbit’ – a State of the Art Robot from Gregor Technologies, sent to the PI Partnership by eccentric recluse Philippe Herault, for their assistance at Croatan.

Named ‘Sasha’ by Doc. Orlov, the little robot has the following stats:

Speed 30km/ hour Weight 10kg Computer/2

Hull 1, Structure 2 and Armor 2.

Skills: Engineer: Life Support 3, Computers 1, Mechanic 4, Electronics 2 and Medic 2.

Sasha can take any item and tinker with it, taking about half an hour. Any future uses of the device will incur a +1 DM until a natural 5 or less is rolled: it may then be serviced by the Robot again. Sasha can only use her skills to perform this function or to Assist: she will not use them to conduct a primary repair such as patching the hole in the side of your ship using her own Mechanic skill: a Mech Rabbit is far too small to undertake such tasks.

Sasha is very helpful and for a robot very cute. She seems to be developing a personality like any other pet.



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