The Grinch (MARS)

Self Aware Robot


The Grinch was originally landed on Mars in the early 21st Century – one of a series of advanced Rovers based on the earlier Curiosity design.

Better known as Ingenuity, the rover carried a plethora of sophisticated laboratory equipment as well as two smaller wheeled rovers known as Hawking and Sagan. Fitted with a long endurance radioisotope thermoelectric generator Ingenuity did much to pave the way for the later manned landing on Mars.

While astronauts did pay visits to Ingenuity – mainly to retrieve sample collections and repair its solar collectors, the rover was all but forgotten once terraforming commenced and public attention turned elsewhere. Even so Ingenuity continued its mission for a further eighteen years before all communication with the rover was lost. The official reason for its loss was put as power loss but no attempt was made to confirm this assertion.

In the 2120’s the ancient rover was rediscovered by Pirates operating secretly from a smuggling base on the Cydonian plateau. As something of a hobby, the base techs and scientists rebuilt and rebooted the old rover, sometimes using it as a remote unit.

Ingenuity had started to become self aware however, assisted by the improvements made by Dr. Towlan, who was working with the Pirates.

When the base was abandoned in the 2030’s the rover was left to its own devices, and its occasional incursions into raiding mining camps and supply dumps for spares, gave rise to the martian legend of The Grinch.


The Grinch (MARS)

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