Aetherius Society


In Aetherius Society teachings, various religious figures come from different planets, and throughout history Cosmic Masters such as Buddha, Jesus and Lao Tzu have come to Earth to teach mankind the right way of living. They are regarded by the society as Avatars.

Krishna, for example, is from Saturn, which is the home of a “Cosmic Hierarchy” or “Interplanetary Council”, while Jesus and Buddha are from Venus. The society therefore claims that these religions sprang from the same source and their principles were identical. These beings are, however, spiritual beings on another dimension or plane, as the idea of corporeal intelligent life on the other planets was known to be unlikely in the 1950s. The society’s concept is that these beings exist on a ‘spiritual level’ by maintaining a ‘higher vibratory rate’ which can be lowered, and this explains the reported blinking in and out of UFOs. The society also refers to the vimanas found in Vedic and Hindu texts, and to the Star of Bethlehem, as UFOs and examples of peaceful aliens that have been visiting to teach humanity throughout our history.

King taught a belief in reincarnation based on the “Law of Karma” according to which we progress life by life towards the goal of perfection. Everyone is destined eventually to become a Master and to continue evolving from there.. The society claims that evolution also includes planet Earth, which is regarded as a living entity at a much higher state of evolution and importance than its inhabitants. They allege that because of the backward evolution of humans, the Earth has been under frequent attacks from evil forces from other parts of the universe, and that the Cosmic Masters of other planets are fighting off a number of evil alien invaders. In Aetherius Society literature, the cosmic battles with evil forces or intelligences “bear some resemblance to the fundamentalist Christian concept of ‘spiritual warfare’, shorn of its imminent apocalyptic content.”

As in other New Age religions, alternative medicine, spiritual healing, yoga, and dowsing are also accepted and practised by the Aetherius Society. It has also launched initiatives against pollution and nuclear power, and generally identifies with the ideals of the Green Movement. However, the society believes that environmental and societal problems are only symptoms of a much larger spiritual problem that, once solved, would cure all other problems. This is the ‘spiritual energy crisis’. King designed many items of equipment intended to contain and redirect ‘spiritual energy’ for such purposes.

Probably the best known of these is the “Spiritual Energy Battery”. Its precise design and composition are not in the public domain. Its purpose is to hold a ‘charge of spiritual energy for an indefinite period’. When connected to a “Spiritual Energy Radiator” (again designed by King), it can be ‘discharged’. ‘Spiritual workers’ pray and chant mantra, and ‘focus the energy’ into the battery where it is ‘stored’. The society’s belief is that in times of crisis the energy can be released in a concentrated form and manipulated by cooperating Masters to the area in need. King named this activity “Operation Prayer Power”. The Aetherius Society claims that under the guidance of the Cosmic Masters and with the aid of Spiritual Energy Batteries, they have prevented wars, and relieved the effects of natural disasters. King taught that these spiritual exercises help to prevent worldly destruction.

To help with this, the Aetherius Society regularly engages in “Spiritual Pushes” in which they pray and meditate to draw Prana to Earth from an orbiting spaceship known as “Satellite Number Three” which increases the amount of spiritual energy available. They claim that this satellite is shielded from telescopes and radar. In “Operation Starlight”, between the years 1958 and 1961, King and various members climbed eighteen mountains throughout the world, so that the mountains could be ‘spiritually charged’ by the Cosmic Masters using King as the link. Members often make pilgrimages to these mountains where they have painted the movement’s symbol, believing they receive more power that they can send out to the world through prayer. They believe that service to mankind is the most essential yoga or religion in these days.

In the modern world there are small enclaves of the Society thoughout the system, and the resurgent demand for ‘new spiritual alternatives’ has re-invigorated the Society’s membership over the last couple of decades.

Aetherius Society

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