Ball Gun


Ball-Gun (Grenade Launcher, TL8) Skill: Heavy Weapons (Launchers)

The Ball-Gun began as an improvised non-lethal weapon but proved so useful that manufacturers on Mars began to produce them for law enforcement and the militia. It fires a variety of 60mm balls at varying speed using a spring and compressed gas. The range can be set using an integral laser range finder. It has the revolving configuration, favoured on Mars.

Range Damage Magazine Auto Recoil Cost Mass Ammo Cost
varies varies 6 no -1 300 2kg varies

Numerous special rounds exist for the Ball-Gun. Any type of grenade listed in the core Rulebook can be found as Ball-Gun ammo (though generally only the Martian Militia have access these) and even Glow Balls can be fired from the weapon.

Type Damage Ammo Cost Notes
Mapper none 150 range of 500 meters, uses LIDAR to map an area as it travels, gives a +3 DM to Navigation Task Checks.
Hard Ball 2D6+2 Stun 20 pistol range: can bounce into a target
Storm Cloud 2D6 Stun 110 shotgun range: erupts into numerous capacitors that create a floating cloud of electro-stunners that last for 15 turns.
Glow Ball none 10 shotgun range

Ball Gun

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