Barbarella's Rock



A large (50 km) iron based asteroid, Barbarella’s Rock has a reputation for lawlessness and vice. Unlike Solaris the base is not corporately owned, and has grown organically over the past 80 years.

The Rock offers a full range of services. Fuel (bought from ice miners, supplies, equipment, and services are sold: ice, minerals and other finds are purchased here, and the Rock is used to ship these there are several recreational facilities, bars, gambling dens, and other businesses catering to independent miners letting off steam after months in deep space.

The Rock’s communlty is divided into seven levels: Rockport, Oldtown, the Strip, Fonda, Undertown, Leland, Burrow, and the power plant. These areas are fusion-tunnelled into solid rock, providing a firm, pressure-tight structure.

Rockport was originally a UWC fuelling cache, later abandoned to the residents. The power plant is also a relic of those days.

Oldtown is the original civilian settlement.

The Strip was originally merely a tunnel connecting Oldtown with the base; when the base became a civilian spaceport, businesses began tunnelling into the Strip’s walls.

Fonda dates from soon after the abandonment of the base, and was tunnelled directly under Rockport to provide space for the growing community.

Undertown is an expansion of Oldtown, financed by the Mullins, a prominent local family.

Leland and Burrow are comparatively recent tunnels, dating from the attempt of a local businessman, Auguste Leland, to cash in on an abortive boom period.

The Rock’s is in microgravity, though there is a 1g ring which has been constructed for exercise periods. Levels are connected by two means. The elevator shafts have a series of moving: platforms for transport of goods between the various levels. Drop shafts have conveyor handles along their walls. The arbitrary “north” wall of each shaft has a continuous belt of handles moving down at about 5 kph. The “’comb” wall has a similar belt moving up. The “east” and “west” walls have stationary handles for use by overflow crowds.

What would be called buildings on a planetary surface are called complexes in the Rock. The major open spaces are called tunnels and are about 9 meters wide. Smaller spaces between complexes are called alleys and average 3 meters wide. A few tunnels and many alleys are under local gravity.


The various businesses in the Rock are described below. The first digit of a business’s number corresponds to the level on which it is located 41 is Oldtown, 2 is the Strip, etc.); 1A. 1%. and so on
are hotels.

Prices on Barbarella average 25% more than basic prices, since most goods are imported. Exceptions are noted.

BRPA: The Barbarella’s Rock Protection Agency provides a security service package for ships in Rockport. For Cr 5OO per week, security guards are posted to watch the ship. and an insurance policy covers damage from vandalism or accident. It is suspected that the BRPA also makes sure damage occurs to ships which are not covered by the security package.

Warehouse: The warehouse is operated by the Rockport Port Warden.

Hydroponics Office: The hydroponics are administered from here. Fresh produce is sold here, wholesale, at standard prices.
107,379. Vacc Suit Store: 101 sells new equipment; 379 sells mostly reconditioned equipment at standard prices and also repairs vacc suits.

102,507. Insurance Broker: 102 respresents Hernandez Associates and 507 is Barbarella’s Private Assurance

103, 325. ’Miner’s Equipment.

104, 114. I1, 404, 409. Purchasing agents are responsible for buying at the best possible price whatever supplies their employer happens to need in the system and for bidding on independent prospectors’ claims. Offices belong to Standard Products (104), Horizon Purchasing (114), Delgado Trading (117), Harmon LIC (404) and Alhambra Trading(409).

105, 715, 309, 403. Entertainment: Live and holographic entertainment. Mullin’s Golden Star 17051 is high-toned (and thus expensivel; others are The Downunder (4Q31, also owned by the Mullin
family, the Old Town Theatre (I 151, and Marsden’s House of Fantasy 13091.

108. Hair Stylist.

107. Casino: Shooter’s Palace. A gambling house known for its cultured atmosphere and high-rolling clientele. Cr25 cover charge.

708. Appliances and Furnishings.

109. Accountant.

110. Clothing Store.

111. Bank of Barbarella’s Rock: An independent bank, having exchange agreements with two major lenders. Thus it can honor most financial instruments.

112, 405, 601. Food Market: These shops deal In foods intended for long-term storage and imported specialty items.

113. Food Market: The retail outlet for fresh produce from the hydroponics gardens. Prices vary with the size of the crop, but average about standard.

116. Arbiter: A person who adjudicates disputes between individuals, for a fee.

118, 411. General Store.

201,207,209.406,502. Gunny’s (201) is frequented by a rougher clientele and is not a good place for the casual tourist. Benniger’s (207) can also be dangerous. Burroughs’ Burrow {209) is frequented by residents of Burrow and can be unfriendly to strangers. Others are The Shaft (209), Vadim’s (406), and Nieman’s (502).

202, 470, 508. Cargo Brokers: Per the Traveller trade and commerce rules.

203. Ship’s Chandler. This establishment sells equipment and supplies for spaceships.

204.208. Hole in the Wall (204) is the oldest of the establishments built into the walls of the Strip. Fire in the Hole (208) is a belter’s bar, not for the fainthearted.

205. Pawn Shop.

206. Sundry Shop: A small secondhand merchandise shop; prices average about standard, quality ranges from average to poor.

210. Barbarella Trader’s Association: Administrative offices of the BMA.

301. Llfe Support Repalr and Sales.

302. Water Plant Office: Administrative offices of the Rock’s water works.

303. Computer Network Offices: Offices of the company which provides library terminals and other computer services.

304. Barbarella Delivery Couriers: A parcel and cargo delivery company. They specialize in deliveries and pickups within the District.

305. Gravities Sales and Service.

306, 315. Electronics Sales and Services.

307. Cleaners.

308. Assay Office: A laboratory whose purpose is the analysis of ore samples and the estimation of The yield of the find represented by those samples.

310. 310, 508. Advocate: An advocate is a person with a knowledge of local customs who argues for others in disputes brought before an arbiter. Anyone can be an advocate. but some are good enough to make a living at it.

311. Space Vehicle Sales, Repair: Zero G Thrust Packs and Buggys.

313. Gun Shop: Service is available on weapons of TL 8 or less. Includes modern case less guns.

314. Machine Shop: A shop which manufactures small numbers of machine parts or other items, to customer order. Prices vary with the amount of work and cost of materials involved.

318. Lothrain Free Company Offices.

318. Communicator Safes and Services.

320. Medlcal Equipment.

321. Salvage Office : One of the offices of Chlaer Salvage, LC. This firm maintains a number of craft which patrol the district lootlng for abandoned or derilict ships, equipment, or supplies. These are claimed by right of salvage, and sold at retail outlets. Anything may be salvaged, but prices and quality vary greatly.

322,503,602. Restaurants: The Black House is greatly overpriced (322), overpriced. The Lotus Eater (503) and Dao’s (602) are more reasonable.

323, Sowerby Shipping; this office will arrange for transport of cargo.

324. Library: Maintained by the BMA. Thls a non-public library (i.e. it charges for its services.

401. J & L Security Services: A full range of personal and property protection services, including alarms, bodyguards, watchmen, and electronic surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment and

402. Exotica: A very expensive op specializing in rare and exotic luxury goods.

408. Consultants: Specialists in the way business and society work under UWC Law. Unlike advocates, however, they merely give advice.

412. Futures Exchange.

501. Tolchek & Partner: A person with a knowledge of local customs and a large number of contacts in various pIaces, who hires out as a trouble-shooter.

504. Murray BE Henderson Light Manufacturing Complex: The plant turns out a few popular consumer items. but makes most of its money on mining equipment and belter buggies. M&H can pro
vide many commonly needed parts at near-standard prices I + 5%).

505. Assembly Hall: A rental suditorium for theatrical performances, lectures, reunions. weddings, parties, meetings, and so on, maintained by the BMA.

509. Air Plant.

570. School: A private school, supported by fees.

653. Pharmacy.

605. Dentist.

606. Clinic: Outpatient and emergency treatment.

607. Hospital: Long-term medical and surgical treatment.
The gravity wheel is a relatively recent addition to the community. The entrance is situated at the western end of Leland, adjacent to a sport/ recreation centre. It does roaring business (as does the exercise centre).

Barbarella's Rock

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