Boeing 'Dustraker' Mk IIb Mars WTV


Hull: 13
Structure: 13
Armor: 6 (composite Materials)
Top Speed: 110kph
Range: 400 km
Displacement: 15T
Agility: 2

General Features: Extended Life Support (450 person/ days) , Vacc Protection, Air Lock, Advanced Controls, Std Navigation (+2 to skill), Mini Galley, 5 Crew, Bunks, Tow Capability, Fresher, LR Comms with Satelite Uplink & Tight Beam), Fuel Cell Refuelling Station (48 hours), Stowed Q Bike

Specific Features:
Lab Rover: GP Lab, 2 Tons Storage (CR 418,800)
General Rover: Light Crane Arm, 2.5 Tons Storage (CR 413,700)

The Dustraker is a top of the range Rover, suitable for most worlds except Venus. It is a direct competitor to the Land Rover, and has numerous electronic and suspension improvements. The verdict is still out on its relative effectiveness however.

Boeing 'Dustraker' Mk IIb Mars WTV

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