Church of Starry Wisdom


One of numerous fringe cults who essentially believe that God was an Astronaut (or the Gods were Astronauts). These mysterious Space Gods have the usual attributes of being wise, powerful, and working in secret for thousands of years.

Only by joining the cult, and signing over all your goods to it, will the true secrets of the ancients be revealed to you, by slow degrees, over a long series of trials and tests, many of which involve showing loyalty to the Church.

A few ‘leaks’ by purported former members hint at a darker agenda, and hedonistic sex orgies. These are denied by the Church, and they have a vigorous PR machine promoting a slightly dippy ‘New Age’ type approach, and denouncing ‘embittered former members, discharged for misusing their former position.’

On the surface it bears many resemblances to other Hermetic societies and cults, most notably Scientology, and like Scientology, it is banned in some countries (mostly the Nordic ones).

Apart from a few high profile spokespersons the membership and doings of the Church are something of a mystery. They do actively canvas for members however, and the Church attracts a high proportion of the young, idle and wealthy into its folds (and its coffers).

The cult pulled a media coup some years ago when one of the handful of ‘Centennials’ -extremely wealthy people from the 21st Century who were cryogenically preserved and later reawakened – defected to the Church from a high profile position in The Church of Scientology. The two organisations have been spitting venom at one another ever since.

Church of Starry Wisdom

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