Church of the Living Elvis


Elvis is TRULY risen, my brethren!
LO! Has he not appeared at a McDonalds in Pickering!
LO! Has His holy visage not appeared to Jeany Perkinson on a piece of toast?
LO! Was he not foretold to be The Walker That Weareth the-Bluesuede Shoe?
YEA! Will he not bear us up in his Celestial Cadillac?
YEA! He WILL, He WILL bring us forth in His Second Sway

The Church of the Living Elvis is a successor Cult to The Church of Elvis the King and the Second Sway. The second coming of Elvis was officially deemed to have occurred on January 8th 2085, and during his Reign the King, amongst other pronouncements indicated that he would never again leave the Faithful. The Church was re-organised as The Church of the Living Elvis in 2114, and since that time The King has continued to walk amongst us. The current incarnation is the Fourth and has reigned since 2155-he is currently on his inaugural tour of the Solar System (having played Mars and the Inner planets in 2158).

It is speculated that The Living Elvis may be a surgically altered impersonator, or more esoterically a clone, or even a clone with memory transfer of one or all of the original Elvis’s. The Church isn’t saying, and the speculation helps to maintain interest.

The Church is odd (……) in that it does not actually make any claim to divine or religious status. The Church of the Living Elvis merely celebrates….. Elvis, and his music: Elvis himself is an old fashioned Christian.

Church of the Living Elvis

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