Gregor Technologies 'Mech Rabbit'


Any tech-minded people within the group will be ecstatic about getting their hands on a Mech-Rabbit- a State of the Art Robot from Gregor Technologies. These items are in very short supply and retail for very large sums,if you can get one at all.

Upon activation the robot rabbit will hop around playfully and immediately seek to assist the owner in some way. If some sort of mechanical device is within its reach (waist high or less) it will immediately grab the item and tinker with it. After about half an hour the Mech-Rabbit will return the device in top repair and any future uses will incur a +1 DM (until a natural 5 or less is rolled: it may then be serviced by the Robot again). The Mech-Rabbit is very helpful and for a robot very cute.: this is a very rare item indeed.

The Mech-Rabbit is a cutting edge prototech robot. It has an advanced Computer/2 loaded with several skills; Engineer 3, Computers 1, Mechanic 4, Electronics 2 and Medic 2. The Mech-Rabbit moves in a rabbit like gait but can stand up to 1.2 meters high. It has a top speed of 30km/hr but rarely goes this fast. Its ears double as communication arrays and solar panels. The front paws have numerous built in tools and can even work with near microscopic items. Every Mech-Rabbit develops its own personality over time and becomes very loyal to its owners. The Mech-Rabbit can curl up into a ball no longer larger than 0.4 meters in diameter and weighs only 10kg. Count it as having Hull 1, Structure 2 and Armor 2.

Gregor Technologies 'Mech Rabbit'

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