Landrover Mk IV Mars WTV


Hull: 16
Structure: 16
Armor: 9 (composite Materials)
Top Speed: 80 kph
Range: 400 km
Displacement: 15T
Agility: 0 (6 wheel drive reduces terrain penalties by 1)

General Features: Extended Life Support (450 person days), Vacc Protection, Air Lock, Basic Controls, Basic Navigation (+1 to skill), Mini Galley, 5 Crew, Bunks, Tow Capability, Fresher, LR Comms with Satelite Uplink & Tight Beam), Fuel Cell Refuelling Station (48 hours), Stowed Q Bike

Specific Features:
Lab Rover: GP Lab, 4 Tons Storage (CR 724,000)
General Rover: Light Crane Arm, 4.5 Tons Storage (CR 716,500)

This is a Top of the Range vehicle which is suitable for most worlds except Venus. The design is now fairly old, and the appearance unlovely. However, it is a favorite expedition vehicle for those whose budgets allow.

Landrover Mk IV Mars WTV

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