Martian Militias


Mars does not have its own military forces – the small population (only a few hundred thousand) and the concentration of much of this in Mariner City and the Seven Sisters, make this a non viable proposition.

Mars is technically a colony of Earth, and administered by the Mars Authority on behalf of the UWC, rather than by an individual nation. The multi ethnic composition of Mars (Indian, Russian, Chinese and American, among others), leads to a fairly loose leash in terms of the Mars Authorities remit.

Technically the Mars Authority can call on UWC military forces in terms of major security issues, but in reality the need to call in Colonial Marines or Wardens is a rare occurance; there is however a Warden Base high up in the cliffs above Mariner City, which maintains administrative staff, a couple of investigators and a small complement of troops. Their most notable possession is a couple of armed VTOLS.

Local problems do occur however, and to deal with these there are two primary organisations: the Martian Rangers and the Martian Militia.

The Martian Rangers.
Modelled on the old Texas Rangers, and is formed into three Companies of twenty five commissioned officers. A support facility in the Mariner Valley HQ also employs a small number of technical and administrative staff. A Company has responsibility for the Mariner Valley, B Company the Seven Sisters, and C Company the Martian Outback – everywhere else. There are also a number of special reservist officers (approximately 75) who can be called upon in exceptional circumstances. Individual Rangers are often given Marshal authority for a specific geographic region. It is important to specify that they are not responsible for Law Enforcement per se. within settlements themselves (this function being supplied by Security Firms, Police or Sheriffs), but their Marshal authority compels local law enforcement to co-operate with them. In very small settlements this authority often blurs.

The Martian Militia.
The Martian Militia has its training facility in the Mariner Valley, and consists of a full time training and administrative company, drawn from veterans of other military forces. Training within the militia is not compulsory, but many martians willingly join for the fun of it, and the extra pay militia training and duty provides.

At any one time the militia can mobilise three companies (approximately 300 troops) based at Mariner and Seven Sisters, although its armories allow for the equipping of several times this number: there are of course a large number of reservists, and each reservist is required to attend a full two weeks training each year, as well as a number of weekend events.

Its organisation is essentially mechanised, with each platoon being given a couple of WTVs or smaller vehicles as appropriate. Each Company also has a Pod Walker Squadron, and a couple of VTOLs for emergency air mobile operations: these are often being leased on standard operations to the Mars Authority or other customers.

Typical armament for a militia trooper is Mars Suit, Flak Vest and Enclosed helmet, and an AFL -4 assault rifle.

Martian Militias

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