Martian Ranger Targeting Eye (Ruger TX - 4)


The Ruger TX 4 is a Targeting Monocular system currently being tested with the Martian Rangers, as well as with a number of other organisations. While targeting systems have been available as Vacc Suit systems for some years, the TX 4 is the first viable free worn system.

Essentially the system comprises an advanced communications headset with HUD Projector, enabling the wearer more accurately to fire a weapon, assuming it has an appropriate pickup attached (this uses up one weapon rail). One unit can be slaved to two different weapons.

The wearer of the system gains two advantages:

+1 to hit all ranges with a slaved weapon
IR spotting system, as goggles

Wt: 0.5, TL 8/9

Martian Ranger Targeting Eye (Ruger TX - 4)

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