Parkfield Biolabs


Parkfield’s operations include agri-chemicals, genetics, pesticides, GM crops and livestock. Its logo is a green crystal maple leaf on a blue background. Parkfield is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and its current president is James Parkfield Jnr.

The corporation is a large Canadian agri-corp specialising in genetic manipulation to produce superior crops and associated crop enhancers. Parkfield owns large areas of farmable land in Canada. Its main laboratory (‘Rockwell’) is situated in an underground complex which extends deep into a Canadian mountainside, but it also runs a large facility on the remote asteroid 17253 Vonsecker, and several orbital labs .

Rumours rocked the company twenty years ago when stories emerged that Parkfield was responsible for many of the more accessible synthetic street drugs, but such internet buzz was never proven. Initially getting into space by sponsoring crop experiments on the ISS, Parkfield later paid for a complete module on the Russian OPSEK 1station. Many of the techniques pioneered by the corporation are used today under license in many of the hydroponic units of deep space vehicles.

Parkfield Biolabs

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