Spyder's Intrusion Deck


Custom built by Marvin Blatowski on Luna, largely as a favour for Jonas. The sort of deck’s Marvin builds are generally specialist items for people who know what they’re doing (ie Computer skill 3 or 4), but he accepted Jonas assurances.

The deck resembles an old fashioned small laptop, but is is quite heavy as in comes embedded within an EMP protected case with a series of peripherals. The user usually carries this within a sling like shoulder bag.

An intrusion deck is a specialised computer designed for use with hacking. It is designed to be as portable as possible and has a connector for an Intrusion Interface, as well as built–in defences against security countermeasures. Some of the software on an Intrusion deck is on ROM chips and cannot be rewritten or changed but is cheaper. All Intrusion Decks are specialised for running the Intrusion program

Intrusion Deck (TL 10; Wt: 5 lbs)

Software: Security/1, Translator/1, Interface/0, Intrusion/1 (hardwired in), Databases on standard security software & hardware, and giving +1 to Broker and Economics roll if the user is prepared to spend twice as much time as usual.

Spyder's Intrusion Deck

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