The system is identical to the one we use in Moom except that we use the term ‘Training Points’ (TP) instead of ‘Jumps’ or ‘Weeks’.

Additionally Training Points may be purchased for Cr 5000 per training bloc, and requiring 2 weeks reflecting hiring of a specialist instructor to boost training. Such training is enhanced at a 1.5 rate (so 2 weeks of training would cost Cr 5,000 and give you 3 TP).

The formula for the amount of TP taken to increase a skill level is (x+y)*y, where x is the current number of skills levels the character currently has and y is the skill level currently being studied.

e.g. A character with 12 skill levels looking to increase a skill from level-1 to level-2 would take (12+2)*2 = 28 TP to advance the skill.

Skill-0 is treated as skill-1 for these purposes when being used as the multiplier (only).

It is possible that a character might have a cyberteck skill enhancement (one skill only) eg bumping a skill from +1 to +2. FOR PURPOSES OF TRAINING IT WOULD ONLY COUNT AS SKILL +1

There are no limits as to the total number of skills or slots.

‘Karma points’ can be traded for ‘TP’ at the rate of 1 karma point = 2 TP.

STR,DEX,END,EDU can also be trained up.

eg increasing STR 7 to STR 8, costs (7+8) x 2: 30 TP
eg increasing STR 8 to STR 9, costs (8+9)x 3: 51 TP

Costs :
Boost ATR to 3, 4, or 5 | (-1 attr bonus) | treat as L1 skill gain
Boost ATR to 6,7 or 8 | (0 attr bonus) | treat as L2 skill gain
Boost ATR to 9, 10 or 11 | (1 attr boost) | treat as L3 skill gain
Boost ATR 12, 13 or 14 | (2 attr boost) | treat as L4 skill gain
Boost ATR to 15 | (+3 attr boost) | treat as L5 skill gain


Marcus 0 0 Recon 0 (0/17)
Jake 8 3 Vacc Suit 0 (8/14)
Spyder 25 0 ENDURANCE (25/57)
Jonas 13 8 Carouse 0 (3/11)
Doc. Orlov 1 0 Freefall 0 (1/16)
Eight 8 2 Vacc Suit 0 (8/14)


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