Weapon Permits

Most of the colony worlds are Law Level 6, which generally restricts weapon legality to shotguns: this doesn’t mean its ok to walk around the shops with a slung shotgun however – it means you’re allowed to own one, which must normally be safely stored in a lockable area.

Outside of settlements in sparsely populated wilderness areas assume Law Level is treated as 2 less (typically 4), on the remote possibility that you bump into a lawman of some sort.


All PC’s are assumed to start with a starting permit which covers two weapons as follows:

Jake 3 2 Anvil 12mm -
Jonas 2 2 Bandit 9mm -
Spyder 2 0 SUSPENDED until January 2160. Reinstated on payment of Cr 5000 admin fee -
Doc. Orlov 2 2 Anvil 12mm, Anvil 12mm -
Marcus 2 2 Anvil 12mm, Revolving Shotgun -
Paul 3 2 Bandit 9mm, SX 90 Splinter Sniper Rifle -
PI Partnerships 3 20 AFL 16 (Jake’s) -
" " " AFL 4 (JMarcus) -
" " " Ranger Shotgun (Marcus) -
" " " Ballgun (Doc Orlov) -
" " " Scimitar Machine Pistol (Paul) -
" " " Martech Redbird (Spyder, sometimes)-

For individual permits additional Category 2 Weapons can be added at Cr 500 each, and additional Category 3 Weapons for Cr 1000 each: the maximum on an individual permit is 5 weapons.

A Category 2 permit is ‘Civilian Smallarms’, and a Category 3 permit is ‘Paramilitary Smallarms’.

You cannot obtain a Category 3 Permit unless you can show legitimate cause. This would generally mean a check and referencing procedure probably involving (in the PCs case) the setting up of a Private Company. This would involve:

-A registration Fee of Cr 10,000
-No criminal record for any registered user
-A viable Business Plan (Admin 8+, or pay someone to do it at Cr 1000 per Admin level).
-References from at least 2 Employers (the more, the better)
-A submission and evaluation period taking a minimum of three months

If this is successful you can purchase Category 3 Weapons & Ammo from suppliers, sufficient for up to 20 weapons (and +1000 per extra weapon a normal maximum of 50).

An additional fee of 50% is payable annually, and the licence will be reviewed every three years.


In a frontier society I’m not going to worry too much about cloth, body warmer type flak jackets or armoured dusters, though the latter two you are unlikely to be wearing in secure environments.

Outside settlements pretty much anything goes. Even armoured vacc suits are not that great compared to ordinary ones, and I will assume a Category 3 Permit covers pretty much everything. You will possibly get social penalties for wearing any but the low key armours however.

Weapon Permits

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