2158 AD. It is a good time to be alive. The nations of the world still exist, but they have become more civilised. Countries resolve their disputes through the mechanism of the United World Council. Colonies of mutual co-operation exist throughout the Solar System. Humanity has stretched to the very limits of what is physically possible.

And yet…this perfect world seems to be fraying at the edges. The tactics being used by the offworld corporations seem to be attracting increased attention from, and dispute with, the United World Council. Within the colonies themselves there is an increasingly hostile attitude toward the UWC-why should the Colonies be taxed to support a vastly wealthier Motherworld, and what exactly do they get out of the arrangement?

In addition there are strange stories filtering back from the very fringes of human habitation within the Kuiper Belt, including ships going missing adding to the tension with the UWC. Possibly this Brave New World isn’t cracking up to be quite so perfect after all…

‘Star Bright’ is a continuation of my campaign ‘Black Night’, but played with a different group of characters. It is played using VTT on Roll 20, with interim PbP on Obsidian Portal (as all of our games are).

Star Bright