Star Bright

Railroaded Driver

30th March 2159: 11.00 pm

With Jonas in the driving seat they found that they had come up across a crevace: too steep for the WTV so they were forced to divert eastwards into some rough terrain. From here they were able to head south again, and stumbled across what seemed like a well used WTV trail.

“Likely between Dwalin and Nori” thought Jonas.

The trail led down into a deep gulley, and they followed this southwards for some hours.

A few hundred metres to the east Doc. Orlov spotted what seemed to be an old WTV wreck. The others were mostly asleep now. Jonas looked forward to the end of his shift.

Paul overheard their conversation and looked at the dead vehicle with interest.

“Any sign of pursuers Doc?” he asked Katrina.

“No. But range is only 20 km, and terrain may interfere” she replied.

“It’s unlikely they’re closer than 10 km then” said Paul. “Let’s do a very quick look see.”

Jonas shrugged and diverted slightly, while Doc. Orlov quickly donned her Vacc Suit and went into the airlock. They could see the vehicle close up now, and many of its surfaces were covered with dust.

As they watched they could see Doc. Orlov, move around the far side of the vehicle towards the airlock. Ten minutes later she reappeared and climbed back outside. She tapped her PDA.

“She says there’s a body inside, long dead. Found a couple of sample bags too. She also says there may be a couple of usable fuel cells – but it’ll take a bit of time to sort and extract them: its a mess in there. What do you think?” asked Jonas.

“Given our fuel consumption so far we probably have plenty of fuel.” said Paul. “If we run low on fuel we hook tubing between the fuel tank and Spyder’s ass—there are plenty of beans in the larder.”

“Come aboard Doc” waved Jonas.

FUEL REMAINING: 138 of 150 original


Do you ignore or investigate the WTV wreck. It looks like its been there some time. It will take time obviously.

Railroaded Driver

Paul loves a good mystery and is really curious about that wreck. However, if we still have pursuers…it would probably be a bad idea to stop now.

Are we still being jammed? Do we know how far behind us the bad guys are?

Railroaded Driver

Yes and No. Your scanner range is maybe 20km but is affected by terrain.

Railroaded Driver

They’re locals: we have to assume they know the terrain/hazards better than we do. Further, they have multiple vehicles and can cycle through them/cannibalize them if needed to maintain pursuit at maximum efficiency. Therefore we should assume they are hot on our trail. Tactically, it makes no sense to stop. That being said, I would not object to stopping to briefly examine the wreck if everyone else wants to do so…


Railroaded Driver

We can assume they are no closer than 10km, and it is only 300m to the wreck. Let’s do a quick driveby and peek at or into the wreck, and then hurry back along our way.

All eyes alert with Recon amd Geology skills – looking for traps and danger!

Railroaded Driver

Can you remind us how much fuel is in a fuel cell? Is it one for one, or could we potentially increase our fuel above 150?

Railroaded Driver

Given our fuel consumption in our live game (although we did roll well) I think we have plenty of fuel. I therefore concur with Marcus. If we run low on fuel we hook tubing between the fuel tank and Spyder’s ass—there are plenty of beans in the larder.

Railroaded Driver

I like that idea!

Doc should search the body for anything useful, take the samples, and get us the heck out of here!

Railroaded Driver

Ha Ha, that Paul. What an Ass!

Railroaded Driver

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