Star Bright

First Impressions

26th January 2159

After settling in they decided to give the Bullshit “Why We are Doing this Audit” presentation the University of Mars had provided them with. The subtext of the presentation was “Don’t Worry: your jobs are (probably) Safe.”

The six ‘Auditors’ had been billeted in two of the smaller hab modules, each normally shared by two base staff. Space was clearly at a premium. As Spyder headed down one corridor towards a module, Katrina headed in the opposite direction. Where Katrina led, Marcus and Jonas followed: clearly this was going to follow their old sleeping arrangements during the Fountain Botanicals survey.

“Dibs I top bunk” said Jonas.

“Fine " said Marcus with a secret smile.

“I will take futon” said Katrina.

By the time they had had lunch it was two before the presentation started, and by the time they had finished it was near five. Marcus and Jake proposed to start the interviews in the evening, doing Dr. Wilson and Dr. Esposito after dinner. Paul and Spyder dcided that they choose to shoot a little pool in the Rec. Room and maybe do a little informal information gathering.

“You need to be careful” cautioned Jake. “Me? I’m a hard faced git who can talk any old pile of crap and appear plausible, but some of you are as transparent as a strippers panties. If we’re going to pull off this con it’s probably best if we all limit our contact with the staff to formal situations: keep a bit of distance like.”

“And that means you too Spyder” added Jonas.



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