Star Bright

Hammer House of Horror (22nd December 2158)

22nd December 2158


“So who the heck was Christopher Lee anyway?” asked Jonas as they sat and drank in the dark afterwards.

With the lights off the guests had been watching an upgraded sensuround of some old actor posing as a Victorian ghost story writer called MR James. Apparently it was a sort of tradition at the Homestead to gather round for old ghost stories, and the old film had Lee, as Writer MR James, reading one of his Christmas Eve Ghost stories to his students gathered round at his rooms in old Cambridge for supper.

The story had been called ‘The Stalls of Barchester Cathederal’ and the strange tones of the ancient actor added to the eerie atmosphere of the telling. The Sensuround imagers had created the illusion of them also sitting in the Cambridge rooms, with assorted students in gowns also dotted about. Very odd.

Spyder thumbed through his handcomp.

“Umm Christopher Lee….lemme see….20th century actor. Lots of stuff, lots of horror films looks like – along with some other guy called Peter Cushing.”

“Peter Cushing” interrupted Doc. Orlov unexpectedly. “Yes, I have heard this.” All eyes turned towards her.

“I never took you for the Slash and Shocker type Doc” commented Jonas. “Don’t tell me you’re a secret horror movie buff? Wear green skin paint and go to conventions and stuff?”

“I not watch such things” she replied calmly, “But I know Professor Alan Cushing. Apparently he looks very much like this ancestor, Peter Cushing. He used to have pictures on wall.”

“An egghead of some sort right?” asked Spyder.

“He is famous astronomer. Maybe you even see him on Tri -v” said Katrina.



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