Star Bright

Home, Sweet Home (22nd December 2158).

22nd December 2158

Marcus’s cousin seemed a bit friendlier at breakfast, pondered Spyder. Clearly waiting up till midnight on the previous evening had frazzled her manners somewhat somewhat: thanks to Jake getting lost their journey had proved somewhat longer than anticipated. Spyder eyed up the other guests as they helped themselves to food.

Marcus cousin Cecelia was auburn haired and of somewhat forbidding aspect – though not unattractive, thought Spyder. Just give the old Webb charm time to work its magic, and who knows what might happen eh? He could become part owner of the whole operation: that would show Marcus.

The other guests were an odd bunch of seeming transients and family friends: there were a lot of people like that on Mars – ore haulers, miners, specialists who moved continually from job to job: their home was basically their Rover.

One of these was Derek Xeren, a tall gloomy man who was a Technical Engineer for the Lothrain Free Company: he spent a good three months every year touring their facilities and remote stations in the Martian Outback, as well as a number of contracted facilities for the Mars Authority, such as the nearby Weather Station.

He seemed slightly aquainted with another guest – a weather beaten man called Mando, apparently a scrapman and scavenger who nosed about the valley: in fact he seemed to have a few parts for Marcus who checked over them eagerly in his workshop.

There were also a couple of freelance truckers Mitch Rowlands and Cassie Tuckers, as well as three local Mine employees Dom Willis, Joel Cairo and Maddy Starkadder, as well as a large man called Luke – the hired hand at the homestead.

The Homestead itself consisted of three dome modules connected by what was now an Atrium, shielded from the worst of the windstorms by a large rock outcrop called Big Boy.

Separate from this was a complex of eight greenhouses, complete with workshops and Despatch Area. Assorted Rovers from the visitors were also parked nearby.

One of the three main domes was a bunkhouse with three double rooms, and Spyder had been given one of these: a few extra bucks ha been set up in the atrium and Bunkhouse Common Area: there were a lot of guests.



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