Star Bright

Midnight Massacre (24th December 2158)

24th December 2158

While it might have been possible to access the coffin with a blowtorch or jackhammer, Cecilia explained reasonably that the Vladescus were near neighbours, and nuking their dear departed’s casket might not go down too well. Reluctantly Jonas agreed. Spyder again failed to get through via the link.

“Maybe we should drive it there ourselves?” he suggested.

“Fuck that, it’s Christmas Eve” said Jonas. “I say we all stay up and get very drunk together. No stragglers, no risk.”

A close questioning with Cassie had revealed that she had a strange dream: one of those dreams where you’re not sure if you are awake or dreaming. A dark haired woman had spoken to her in a strange accent, and told her to go back to sleep.

“Look I’m not saying anything for sure” said Jonas. “But I DON’T fancy driving into the Vladescu Homestead or whatever it is. Let them collect it from here.” And so the party went into full swing (after another Ghost Story – ‘The Ash Tree’).

It was very late and they were starting to get drunk to the point of insensibility. The stun grenades followed by tear gas were therefore something of a shock.

Through the fumes, smoke and tears, Jake could see gas masked armed men with rifles searching the hab in military fashion.

“All Clear!” said one.

“She’s not here” said another.

“One of the Rovers is driving off!” added a third.

“Some party man” thought Spyder, and then he blacked out.



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