Star Bright

No Hopper

30th March 2159: 10.00 am

“Bloody Hell” muttered Jake, as Doc. Orlov lectured him about the various hazards of lunar terrain.

The Hopper was a No Go. As they had approached another three WTV’s had stared to race towards them from the direction of the facility where it was parked. It seemed likely that they would encounter opposition there, and it was likely the Hopper had been moved anyway.

“That’s not the worst of it” said Marcus. “Some of the fuel cells have been taken out, and the Refuelling Station is kaput. We have maybe three days, but after that we’re dead in the water. Not that we’d have time to use the refuelling station with pursuers anyway.”

There was some discussion on whether to head for Bilbo, or for one of the other mines. In the end they decided to head for Balin as the closest.

“Is serous Mr. Smith” persisted Doc. Orlov. “Sensors pick up periodic radioactivity in this area, consistent with out gassing from crust.”

“The Moon’s got no atmosphere Luv” sighed Jake.

“No. It has trace atmosphere” said Doc. Orlov. “One source of atmosphere is release of gases such as radon and helium resulting from radioactive decay within the crust and mantle. Also sputtering from bombardment of lunar surface by micrometeorites, the solar wind, and sunlight. Either way, we not want to drive over release event. Would be bad.”

“Ok, ok. I’ll be careful” said Jake.



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