Star Bright

On the Road

21st January 2159

With Paul at the wheel of the WTC hired by the University, they finally set out towards Fafnir, which lay on the northern edge of the Cydonian Highlands, about 120 km north of Pharoah.

Their University contact had shown up on the previous day, and provided them with a selection of cover identities, personnel files, access codes and of course the base location – which did not seem to appear on standard maps.

“Too important I guess” said Jonas.

Paul had been somewhat nonplussed when he realised that he would need a vacc suit, but fortunately there was an A Plant office in Pharoah, who did a nice sideline in hiring out vacc suits and WTVs to tourists. Fortunately he managed to hire one which stretched to his oversize frame.

With no previous experience of driving on Mars, he found the going tough. After four hours Jonas took over,but by nightfall they had only covered about half the distance needed.

“Where’s the Face man?” asked Spyder excitedly, having acquired a fistful of tourist literature in Pharoah.

“Is over there to west” pointed Doc. Orlov. “Is part of lava dome that has created an isolated mesa: a hill, in other words. Enjoy.”

“That’s kinda dull” said Spyder. “I ’d prefer it to be the face of Jesus like that Preacher Man in Pharoah was saying.”

Doc. Orlov shook her head and picked up her book again.


I’m gonna do some donuts with this ATV in front of Fafnir when we get there! Woot!

On the Road

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