Star Bright

On the Road Again, Part II

24th January 2159

“Those guys” said Jonas, “Were real Kooks. Tell me what they did up there again”

After having escorted the damaged WTC back to Pharoah and staying there overnight, they were now setting out once again. Hopefully they would arrive at Fafnir a mere six days late.

“Well man” enthused Spyder, “Apparently Mars is, like , the home of some of the Secret Masters- you know Buddha, Jesus, L. Ron Hubbard – all those guys thoughout the ages. These guys, like came down to us to teach us Wisdom and stuff, and then went back home again.”

“So you’re telling me Jesus lives on Mars right?” said Jonas, amused.

“Don’t be a Dingbat man” said Spyder. “Jesus lives on Venus -those other nuts must have got it wrong. But some of these other Secret Master Guys live on Mars.”

“So how come I never seen them?” said Jonas, reasonably.

“Ah that’s the clever part. See, these guys live on a ‘Higher Vibrational Plane’ which we can’t see or visit till we leave this one. Pass over like. And the Face is like a special place – a sort of bridge between this plane and the one with the Masters.”

“Is idiot nonsense” cut in Katrina. "I check this Aetherius Society, and they exist for couple hundred years. When they start out they believe these people ACTUALLY live on Venus, Mars and so on. But when Astronomy data show this total Bullshit they invent all this invisible Plane nonsense and change their tune. "

“Hey we shouldn’t lightly dismiss stuff we don’t know much about” said Spyder. Katrina snorted.

“Anyway, the Face is kind of sacred to them and so they wanted to scatter their Ashes there. They also, like, charged up a Prayer Battery with Good Karma, to release into the World to make it a better place. Nice people.”

“Kooks” muttered Jake.



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