Star Bright

The Ball Starts Rolling

26th January 2159

Marcus and Jake conducted their interviews with the two chief scientists, allowing two hours for each. It was clear that Dr. Wilson had something on his mind -clearly he was worried about some aspects of the project, or at least the way it was going.

Dr. Esposito was an odd fish, and they did not know what to make of him. Apparently he was not actually paid a salary, and funded all his own expenses. Clearly he regarded his work here as a semi retirement option, and was simple doing it, as he put it, “to keep his hand in.”

In the Rec. Room Paul and Spyder played a game of pool, keeping slightly apart from the other three or four base staff who were chatting or watching a movie. Spyder’s pool cue disassembled in a clatter and several stares, and Paul noticed that some idiot had taken the thread screw out and simply joined the two halves of the cue together with a matchstick and chewing gum. “Baiting the Auditors” no doubt.

Dr. Kirashima was engaged in a debate with the two Research Assistants, Parvati Souza and Ares Jones. Jones had the temerity to suggest an alternative route to the use of some particular species, and received a dressing down from Dr. Kirashima which even Spyder thought was perhaps beyond the limits of polite behaviour.

“Man, she’s kind of cute, But what a Dragon” he whispered to Paul.



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