Star Bright

The Lost Travellers

22nd January 2159

They had only been driving for an hour or so when Jonas called for a halt.

“Wassup?” asked Jake. Jonas waved him to silence, and then adjusted the filters on the comms relay.

Through the masses of static rendered by the dust clouds, they could faintly hear what sounded like a Mayday call.

“Bloody ‘Ell! said Jake. "If we can ’ear it they can’t be too far away can they?"

“No” said Marcus, " A max. of twenty Kliks I’d say. We should reposition and see if we can get a fix."

“It might not be genuine” cautioned Paul. “I’ve heard that here are gangs of roving Pikies in these Highlands: some of them might not be too honest.”

“You mean the Rovers?” said Marcus. “Never heard of them attacking or waylaying people. There’s that story Mando told Marty I guess, but that was way over in the Mariner Valley.”

“No ’arm in being cautious mate” said Jake. “Maybe we should just drive close and then take a closer look.”

“Hate to say it man but we’re legally obliged to answer a Mayday” said Spyder. “If it was found out we ignored it we could be in a World of Shit.”

“We should check it out anyway” said Marcus. “Mars is a tough place, right?”



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