Star Bright

Vigil (24th December 2158)

24th December 2158

After another Christmas Ghost Story with Christopher Lee/ MR James (“A Warning to the Curious”) they had set up three watch shifts within the Green House Area. The night had passed without incident however, and as Jonas was on the last shift he tiptoed through the atrium, which had two temporary bunks set up in which two women, Maddy and Cassie were sharing: with the plants and small pools it was quite a pleasant prospect: it seemed that ornamental gardening was one of Cecilia’s hobbies.

Jonas winked at Cassie as she startled awake, and promised to return with some hot coffee. He did this ten minutes later and Cassie moved to awaken her room mate. Jonas jumped when she made a strangled scream as Maddy flopped out of bed like a dead weight.

“Shit!” he exclaimed. “She’s like the other.” Trying to keep a lid on the situation he woke Cecilia and Marcus. A short conference was held.

“Luke remembers nothing” said Marcus. “He was just working. Seems a bit stronger today though. Wait – I’ve got an idea.” He went off with Jake.

“Someone’s been in your systems again man” said Spyder. “Made a sloppy mistake too – other wise I wouldn’t have picked it up. Camera footage removed.” He looked up as Marcus returned.

“Um…..” he explained. “We checked Lukes and Maddy’s blood pressure is lower than normal. Lukes is better, but still not normal.”

“They also do have wounds- and so does Millie.”

“Um….two small puncture wounds?” ventured Spyder. “This is real creepy man – it sounds like they lost blood.”

“Blood loss would explain it” said Marcus, “But no – one small wound. And Millie’s was a bit more ragged.”

“The goat fought back maybe” said Jake. “The others were asleep or surprised.”

They all looked at one another knowingly. Doc Orlov rolled her eyes.

“You not serious?” she exclaimed. “You have been listening to ghost stories too seriously”.

“I ain’t sayin’ Doc.” said Jonas. “But I’m gonna take another look at that coffin.”



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