Night Vision and IR Goggles


There are various types of Night Vision Goggles, made by various manufacturers, and much more compact than the primitive versions invented in the late 20th Century.

IR Goggles: (TL 6 – 8) A headset with goggles or an adaptation to the visor of armour allowing the user to see by visible light or thermal imaging. Thermal imaging allows temperature differences to be detected. This makes warm objects like animals, people and vehicles very obvious unless there is a lot of “heat clutter” in the area but does not allow the user to find his way around in a cave or similar environment where everything is much the same temperature. They give +2 to spotting rolls for many targets; depending on the time differential add +1 or +2 to tracking (Recon) rolls. Range 18 m (12 squares). Cr. 500, Wt: 0.5

Light Intensifier Goggles (TL 7-8): These goggles allow clear, monochrome vision up to 18 metres (12 squares) in anything less than total dark. While some light is required to produce this effect, anything approaching normal daylight conditions severely degrades the clarity of the view and the range. Cr. 500, Wt: 0.5.

Combination Viewer (TL 9): A set of goggles or a suit visor incorporating IR and light intensification functions, along with brightness-linked safety cut-outs. The viewer can be used in optical, IR or thermal mode, or any combination of the three, though this can be disorientating to new users. Combine the above two effects. These are not generally available, except as unusual custom items hand built for the extremely wealthy. Wt: 0.5.

ALL GOGGLES: A wearer with Sensors Skill may add the Sensors Skill level to the range in ‘squares’ (ie 1.5m increments). Thus a wearer with Sensors 2 would have a range of 14 squares rather than 12.

Night Vision and IR Goggles

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